Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two by Feroz Khan

Two by Feroz Khan.  Emphasis added, and some proof-reading

By following this thread and observing how the argumentative lines of logic are developing, it is interesting to witness a gradual emergence of an intellectual mea culpa. It seems, from comments posted and replies made to them, that debate is being characterized as one between resident Pakistanis and non-resident Pakistanis and their view on Islam; with the non-resident Pakistani identified as seeking a more extremist response to the end of a religious role, while the resident Pakistanis suggesting that Islam/religion is not a problem, but its interpretation which is the root of all the evil in Pakistan.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

From The Fundamentalist's Pen

With all due respect i must say to please accept the Islam as it is. This is not only a divine revelation but also a test for any one who believe…many things sound barbaric and extreme to modern human mind but in reality it is in the benefit of mankind. If you allow a 4 year old boy to enter in operation theater, he will be terrorized for the rest of his life because what he will see is group of people with the mask tearing and cutting a human body with knives.Same is true for Islam.

This world is not a infinite thing.Our lives is even much much shorter. Do not fail in this test by changing the questions rather giving a right answer.