Friday, July 2, 2010

Fate of Muslims in Partitioned India

The J-Man, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, generously was willing to sacrifice the Muslims who would remain in a partitioned India, as the quotes that accumulate here will show.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the source of the quotes is "Speeches, Statements & Messages of the Quaid-E-Azam" in 4 volumes, collected and edited by Khurshid Ahmad Khan Yusufi, and published from Bazm-i-Iqbal, Lahore.

The Mussalmans should not be afraid of being crushed by the Hindu majority provinces. Let us in the minority provinces, Mr Jinnah said, "face our fate, but free the Muslim Majority provinces to live and form their own government in independent states in according with Islamic laws." (A.P.)

Speech at a public meeting
Ahmedabad, Dec 27, 1940.
The Civil & Military Gazette, Dec 29, 1940

The second objection which concerns Muslim minorities has no force. As a self-respecting people, we in the Muslim minority provinces say boldly that we are prepared to undergo every suffering and sacrifice for the emancipation and liberation of our brethren in regions of Muslim majority.  By standing in their way and dragging them along with us into a united India we do no in any way improve our position.  Instead we reduce them also to the position of a minority.   But we are determined that, whatever happens to us, we are not going to allow our brethren to be vassalised by the Hindu majority.   But the fact is that the creation of these independent states will be the surest guarantee for the fair treatment of the minorities.  When the time for consultation and negotiations comes the case of the Muslim in the minority province will certainly not go by default.

Speech at the meeting of the Muslim University Union
Aligarh, March 10, 1941.
"Pakistan, The Muslim Charter" published by Shakir Husain Khan, Secretary, M.U.S. Union
Aligarh, M.U. Press, Aligarh, 1941.

Speaking about the fate of Muslims in the non-Pakistan zone, Mr. Jinnah said that in order to liberate 7 crores of Muslims where they were in a majority he was willing to perform the last ceremony of martyrdom if necessary and let two crores of Muslims be smashed.

Address to the Cawnpore Muslim Students Federation Conference
Cawnpore (Kanpur) March 30, 1941
The Civil Military Gazette, April 1, 1941
& The Star of India, April 1, 1941

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