Sunday, June 24, 2012

America's failed Pakistan policy

C Christine Fair wakes up to the failure of American policy with respect to Pakistan.

At long last, it seems, various agencies of the United States government have come to the conclusion that Pakistan cannot be changed. Islamabad's behavior in the region will remain staunchly pegged to its antipathy toward New Delhi. It will pursue policies that threaten the integrity of the Pakistani state for no other reason but the chimerical objective of resisting the obvious rise of India, while clinging to the delusion that it is India's peer competitor -- despite obvious and ever-growing disparities
Fair outlines some new policy prescriptions, and then,
While some may view these offerings as unreasonable, reckless, dangerous, and irresponsible, it is equally fair to ask whether Washington's decades of policies toward Pakistan have been unreasonable, dangerous, and irresponsible? Moreover, what good have they accomplished?
My take is (1) late to the party, but finally arrived and (2) yes, Washington's decades of policy towards Pakistan have been unreasonable, dangerous and irresponsible.

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