Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The state of Pakistani population statistics

The state of Pakistani official statistics is interesting.

After a story earlier in the year, about preliminary results from the Pakistan census 2011,  showing the population to be 192+ million, there is nothing further.

The Economic Survey of Pakistan 2011-12

gives a figure for the population of Pakistan, 2011, as 177 million.
Their source is:
National Institute of Population Studies, Planning & Development Division, June 2010

Trying to chase that down, I find another survey, where the source for the 177 million is given as:
"P&D, Division, National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS), CIA Fact Book".
( )

Their official publication depends on the CIA fact book!!!!

The last actual survey from NIPS appears to be from 2007.
( )

This also appears to be the case with the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

Anyway, the CIA Fact Book has in the meantime been updated.
Pakistan's population is:
190,291,129 (July 2012 est.)

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