Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Seen on Facebook:  ( a "we love ISI" type of page):

Today, the satanist Khawarij in Syria/Iraq burnt alive a Jordanian Muslim pilot who was in their custody. Astaghfurullah !! The Khawarij in Pakistan slaughter the children, play football with heads of shaheeds and their brothers in Iraq burn Muslims alive.. !

Which Sharia allows this punishment even to a Kafir ?? Look at the Khawarij standing behind. They are NOT volunteers but Israeli Jewish soldiars. Their levels of training, their face masks, their weapons.. their media propaganda -- everything is Jewish, and so are the Khawarij !

Recite Fatiha for this Shaheed Muslims killed at the hands of Khawarij. He died a painful death. Jordan has promised to kill all Daish prisoners in retaliation. This is what we must also do -- Kill all khawarij in jails.

BT team
#‎CharlieHebdo‬ Remember this -- Honor & respect of the Prophet is sacred to us & we will NEVER forgive any provocation! NEVER! Dont mess here. When you do blasphemy, you sign your own death warrants! If Muslims wont kill you, then Jewish Mossad will to blame Muslims!

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