Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pakistan is a bullock cart, not a Porsche

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur in the Daily Times says that Pakistan's problems arise from the actions that led to its creation  (and the conclusion one would draw is that this cannot be rectified by historical revisionism - changing the narrative of Pakistan's founding).

If you build a unit to produce bullock-carts then, as pious, virtuous and well intentioned as you may be, you cannot expect a Porsche to roll out from that assembly line........

....The Muslim League leadership’s promotion of religiously-based politics was in keeping with their firmly held beliefs and the dawning of the realisation after election setbacks that they could not contend with nationalist sentiments without exploiting religion. This dangerous tendency was carried over into the governing of the new state: one unit was not accidental; it was part of that grand strategy.

The beliefs, actions, attitudes and pronouncements of the Muslim League’s leaders determined what ideology the newly formed state would adopt. Sprinklings of secular sounding statements were never going to be enough for motivating deviation from the course decided by those bent upon achieving and continuing in power through religion.
This is a challenge to the Pak Tea House folks.  No doubt they will find another hidden 11-dimensional chess master strategy somewhere in Jinnah's archives.

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