Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yet another

The Daily Times has yet another article, this one by Shahid Ilyas, arguing against the pakteahouse version of history.  I think as a humanitarian gesture, a case of Pepto-Bismol should be delivered to Lahore.

PS: The response on PakTeaHouse is titled "Shahid Illyas' bankrupt article today: Just another example of how General Zia poisoned our youth."
Ilyas writes that the (early post-Independence) reality has turned into a "myth of ‘a silent majority’ of moderates in Pakistan".   And what is the root cause?
"What led to the transformation of a silent majority of moderates into a minority? To begin with, the signs can be traced back to the rhetoric of some Muslim leaders in pre-partition India. These included, among others, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Sir Muhammad Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah."
 Insofar as Ilyas doesn't write that this debate over history is fruitless,  he misses being in line with the editorial policy of this blog (I've wanted to say that for a while, though this is a one-person show :) )

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